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The Facebook Ads course that helps you set up advertising campaigns that work for any business and for any product.

Fastrack is the online course that teaches you how to create Facebook campaigns that convert.

Getting a good ROI from Facebook marketing campaigns can be very challenging and hard.
Making experience comes at a price: your advertising budget.

By taking this course you will save a lot of budget for mistakes we have already done.

It comes with PDF lessons and step by step video tutorials so you can learn quickly and use all strategies and tactics that work. Right away.

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Plan campaign strategies, choose the most relevant audiences for your ads, create the right ads for each step of the funnel, get conversions (sales, leads, registrations, store visits).

RISK-FREE: 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

That’s right: we’ll refund you 100% of what you paid if you do not find the course useful.

FREE Preview: Easy way to retarget website visitors

When it comes to selling through Facebook, retargeting is key.
And with retargeting, there are many different confusing options.
Instead of sharing all different techniques, I am going to share one.

Here is my favorite retargeting audience I always create to increase sales via Facebook Ads.

What you will learn

  • Create and manage Facebook advertising campaigns like a PRO
  • Reduce the cost per conversion
  • Create effective audiences
  • Target by interests, behavious, place of work, job title, company, hyperlocal areas not available by default
  • How to create perfect sponsored posts (copy/creative)
  • Build lead generation campaigns based on the Audience, Engagement, Conversion funnel

Who’s this course for

  • Digital marketers
  • Agencies
  • Advertising specialists
  • Business owners
  • Local businesses who want to attract more customers
  • Event managers who need to sell tickets for their events
  • SEOs who want to run paid ads effectively

Course topics

  • Overview, Introduction, Strategy
  • How to structure a campaign: Campaigns / Adsets / ADS
  • Ads: how to write perfect post (copy, images, videos, formats, links)
  • Targeting – how to create high performing audiences
  • Study your audience with Facebook Audience Insights
  • Hyperlocal targeting
  • A full campaign example
  • Set up Facebook Pixel and events with Google Tag Manager
  • How to create a custom audience of people who visit your website
  • How to retarget people who send you Whatsapp messages
  • How to create a custom audience of your Mailchimp lists
    How to retarget people who engage with your Facebook Page and Instagram Profile
  • How to sell with Facebook using conversion campaigns
  • How to sell event tickets with Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Story Ads
  • How to copy campaigns, adsets and ads between different Ads Accounts
  • Analyze your campaigns quickly with custom views
  • Support tools
Leonardo Saroni

«This course saves you time and money»

Leonardo Saroni, Growth Marketing @Booking.com
Harsh Agrawal

«An unmissable course to increase your ROI»

Harsh Agrawal, Blog Scientist @Shoutmeloud.com

«Finally a useful and above all PRACTICAL course.»

Lisa Carletti
Social Media Specialist

«Simple, clear, useful, practical!»

Martina Trevisanato
Social Media Specialist

«A well structured and complete course.»

Jennifer Shiavon
Marketing Manager

Slides and Videos

Lesson #1: Overview, Introduction, Strategy (Slides)
Lesson #1: Overview, Introduction, Strategy (Video)
Lesson #2: How to structure a campaign (Slides)
Lesson #3: Targeting – how to create high performing audiences (Slides)
Lesson #3: Targeting – how to create high performing audiences (Video)
Lesson #4: Ads – how to write perfect posts (copy, images, videos, formats, links) (Slides)
Lesson #5: Full Campaign Example (Slides)
Lesson #6: ADS F.A.Q. (Slides)
Lesson #7: Retargeting + Facebook Pixel set up (Slides)
Lesson #8: Analyze results (Slides)
Lesson #9: Support tools (Slides)

Video Tutorials

How to design a full advertising system on Facebook (Video tutorial)
How to sell with Facebook using conversion campaigns (Video tutorial)
Set up Facebook Pixel and events with Google Tag Manager (Video tutorial)
How to create a custom audience of people who visit your website (Video tutorial)
How to retarget people who engage with your Facebook Page and Instagram Profile (Video tutorial)
How to create a custom audience of your Mailchimp lists (Video tutorial)
How to retarget people who send you Whatsapp messages (Video tutorial)
Hyperlocal targeting (Video tutorial)
Analyze your campaigns quickly with custom views (Video tutorial)
Study your audience with Facebook Audience Insights (Video tutorial)
Instagram Story Ads (Video tutorial)
How to copy campaigns, adsets and ads between different Ads Accounts (Video tutorial)
You can request access to the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/webingacademy/ Access will be granted only to real customers.
Yes, this course is suitable for both beginners and “intermediate” users. We also touch on advanced topics, but it`s not focussed on super advanced hacks.
Yes! We update the course quite regularly, at least monthly. Anytime there is an update you will receive an email and you will be able to access it. FOR FREE.
Nope! All updates are included. Enjoy it!
Yes! You will have lifetime access to all materials.

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